Wednesday Assembly


flute, piano and percussion | contact for score

Commissioned by Kupka's Piano (Brisbane). Composed in memory of D.A.R. Premiered by Kupka’s Piano on 19 April 2016, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. 

Program notes: Life is a blur for thirty hours. Every noise, sight and smell is auxiliary. The knot in your stomach grows tighter. Your ears ache from attempting to block out any residual sound. Your heavy eyelids droop; your teeth unknowingly clench. Finally, you enter the room. The air is heavy and the drone of noise evaporates. The door always remains open but things change when you enter the room. Every step outside transports you back to reality. Somehow, another realm of clarity exists with just one step. The feeling of hope, resolution, finality, and sorrow exist at once. You dare not to leave it, but you cannot tolerate one more second. Hold your breath.